26 September 2015

In GuateJUG we arrived to our fifth year, consequently I must start this post with a "thanks to everybody that made this possible (developers, advocates, supporters, sponsors, friends, family, and other-UG)".

This year has been a special year for GuateJUG and Java in general, in February we were very excited about being featured at Java Magazine (a little step for .gt developers, a great step for our user group), and as every inch of the web knows 2015 is the year of the 20 years of Java, another anniversary that came in hand to believe that 2015 is the year of Java reborn.

Hence, at GuateJUG we added to our regular activities a conference circuit called GuateJUG Tour.

GuateJUG Tour

As many of our activities, this is some kind of spontaneous tour, hence we'll be adding dates as new cities are confirmed (Guatemala is a small country so it's possible to confirm in very short notice).

The tour started on September 26 and I'm confirmed as a speaker in three cities, so I'll be collecting my slides in this post for quick reference :).

Java 8: Más funcional que nunca

Git 101 (with Java)

Aplicaciones HTML5 con AngularJS y JavaEE

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