08 August 2015

Hi, If you're reading this probably you are one of my few twitter followers, so thanks for your visit. For those that don't know me I wanna share a little story with you :).

As an IT guy, I started my main website/blog El abismo de tux (in spanish) in 2006 during my college years, mostly as an experiment that grew as the blog phenoma exploded, gaining great experiences like:

  • Being featured in a nation-wide newspaper;
  • Being invited to morning talk shows due my tech/politics rants;
  • Getting opportunities like my first job using my tech blog as a "certification" of my expertise in Unix and Java.

So . . . what's the point of starting a new website in 2015?

I consider my old blog as a chronological reflection of my life experiences, like my stupidity at college, my involvement in FLOSS communities, my musical taste, EVERYTHING that I could talk about technology, politics, society, academia, the life in the countries where I've lived (Guatemala, Brazil), and in recent years using it as an scratchpad of my day to day coding.

During this year at Nabenik, while I was struggling to improve my coding skills I noticed that most if not all the times I search for tech content exclusively in English, and I've noticed also a debacle on my readers due the change of focus at my old blog. because I simply killed some topics that I don't care anymore (politics, Free Software as a social movement, the country where I live), so I've decided that is time to put the "Tux Abyss" in mantainance mode.

Killing a website is more difficult than it looks, specially a website that has been online since 2006, however at this point of my life/carreer I'd like to share deeper facts and knowlege about fewer topics, specially:

  • Gentoo Linux and Unix in General
  • JVM Languages (Java, JavaScript)

That's why I'm welcoming you to "The J*", the name is inspired in three facts

  • I write code in JVM Languages (specially Java) and JavaScript on daily basis
  • I was born in June
  • The second name of a child that means a lot to me starts with J

For this site and considering my past experiences with Wordpress and Jekyll . . . I decided to try JBake, mainly because I'm familiar with Gradle, and for me is easier to write posts in markdown. Also because I fell in love with the results at Vert.x and Hawkular to name a few.

At this time this blog is hosted at GitHub pages being built by Travis-CI with gradle, saving me hosting costs.

I think that starting a web site in the AOL 2.0 era is some kind of digital rebellion, so please grab a seat and feel free to drop comments :).

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