08 September 2016

Java Speaker

The last quarter of the year is maybe my favorite period of time, since 2012 I try to attend at least to one "big" conference and this year won't be an exception.

For me conferences are an opportunity to meet new people, have fun, and of course travel to new/favorite places, and this year I'll have the opportunity to attend two big conferences.

From September 12 to 15 I'll be attending WITFOR 2016 as a member of the guatemalan academic community. Since my Msc. I've missed the serious academic environment, conferences, CFP, basically because my country(Guatemala) is still creating an academic system. Hence I have to help (a little bit at least) in my University.

Later jumping from one plane to another (literally) I'll travel to attend J1. As I previously stated, J1 was a "TODO in life" I had the opportunity to attend the past year and collaborate with some community activities, however this year(between other good news) one of my proposals was accepted, so I'm trying to be ready to chill-out with some Java community peers and share the things that we are doing in Guatemala's software industry.

See you at J1 and WITFOR 2016.

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