19 December 2016


Devnexus is probably (and according to this video) the second biggest Java Conference in United States, hence one of the top ten Java conferences in America.

Organized by the Atlanta Java Users Group, you could choose between 120+ presentations, 14 tracks and 7 workshops, in order to catch-up with recent topics on Java and Enterprise development world, a must for any Java Developer looking for knowledge.

Devenexus 2017 will be my first attendance and I'm honored to share that one of my presentations was accepted :).

Reaching the lambda heaven - https://devnexus.com/s/devnexus2017/presentations/17131

In this presentation i'll give a practical introduction to functional/reactive programing in Java for the "street developer" and we'll be reviewing a list of useful libraries to make elegant and functional (as in the paradigm) web applications.

Why this and not other conferences?, in my opinion:
- It's held on a cheaper city compared to California conferences
- It's a conference from developers for developers
- Atlanta Jug guys are awesome
- Java still rocks

I hope to see you there

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