22 October 2015

As I described previously, GuateJUG held a conference circuit promoting its yearly conference Java Day Guatemala 2015.

This activity was motivated by Java's 20th anniversary and specially due GuateJUG's 5th anniversary.

So... how do you achieve a tour that traverses Guatemala?. Easy, with the right sponsors and contacts :).

An special acknowledgment for the people that made this first leg possible:
- Jorge Cajas (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala)
- Dhaby Xiloj (Universidad Rafael Landivar - Quetzaltenango)
- Rene Alvarado (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala - Chiquimula)

In this first leg (not the only one . . . I hope) GuateJUG team went from the center of the country to the east and later to the west, like in this ugly map:

GuateJUG Tour

Covering the following topics

First conference

Place: Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala - Guatemala City
* Java 8: Functional programming principles (me)
* 20 years of Java (Wences Arana - DebianGt)

Second conference

Place: Universidad Rafael Landivar - Quetzaltenango
* Source code control with Git - (me)

Third conference

Place: Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala - Chiquimula
* HTML5 applications with Java EE 7 and AngularJS - (me)
* Android 101 - (Mercedes Wyss - GuateJUG)

Random photos:

Some years ago I did a similar tour with the FLOSS community in my college years. The sensation of going back to the same cities, hanging out with good old friends and other new friends is always pleasant.

Every time anyone asks me why I do this, I have the same answer "why not? At least each time I know the country a little bit more :)".

With this I'm in the best mood for Java Day Guatemala and most importantly to attend Java One 2015 willing to collaborate with some User Groups activities, I hope to see many of you in both conferences.

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